Product Management

TapCheck makes it easy to create and maintain new products, and decide where you want to sell specific products. In your App? In a local shop? The choice is yours.

Create new products

TapCheck features a portal accessible to staff of your Public Transport Organisation. Every user must first log in to the portal and will then receive authorisation to perform certain tasks. 

If they have the right role, a user can set up new products, for example a one-hour ticket with the validity period starting after first use, can  subsequently be sold in any of your shops.

Managing Sales Channels

Your products are sold through many channels: your App, your branch offices, your website, online partners, and local shops that print the barcodes on paper when they sell them to passengers. All of these Sales Channels are managed from TapChecks backoffice application, giving you control over which product is sold where.

Schedule the launch of new products

It is possible to create new products, or update existing ones. This allows you the change the properties of a product, for instance its price. 

However, most of the time you don't want changes to take effect immediately. The launch of a new product is planned for a certain data, as is a price change. TapCheck allows you to set a date for any mutation to take effect, on the product level, but also on the level of a sales channel.