ERP and bookkeeping integration

With TapCheck you can sell your own barcode tickets: in your App, on your website or at physical locations. But you can also have partners sell your barcodes,  in which case these partners generally receive the passenger's payment for the barcode ticket.  The primary reason for ERP Integration is that you want to send periodic invoices to the partner, so the partner can pay you for these sold tickets on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Keeping precise track of sales

In TapCheck you can set up sales channels, that represent your App, the web or a partner. TapCheck keeps careful track of all the sales made through a sales channel. That is why we can always create a report of the  exact products sold through a certain partner.

Import the sales report in your ERP system

Periodically, with a frequency you can  configure,  TapCheck publishes a file much like the one shown on the right page. Due to it's simplicity it is easy to import it in your ERP or Accounting system and based on the data provided that system can send an invoice to your partner. If it is an internal sale - perhaps via your own App - the dat is used to keep track of revenues.