Barcodes for mobility

TapCheck is a barcode solution for Mobility Operators. TapCheck sells barcodes, issues secure barcodes and validates barcodes. It let's you define your own products and provides comprehensive reporting. Most importantly TapCheck adapts itself to your organisation. 

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Travelers love barcodes

Barcodes are flexible. They can be used as one-time tickets, they can start the validity period after the first use or they can be used for multiple rides. It is even possible to share one barcode between multiple Public Transport Organisations, so passengers can ride on all of their vehicles.

The best part for a traveler, barcodes can be purchased anywhere and very comfortably: in App, on a website or in a local shop where they are printed on paper

Easy to Integrate

At TapCheck we know you already have your own App, Validators and Inspection Devices that you don't want to replace. That is why we made it easy to integrate TapCheck in these systems, using well-documented easy-to-use APIs.

Sell anywhere

Any App, web-application or shop can be connected to TapCheck. Provided they have the right credentials - that you give them - they can request for and distribute working barcodes. Is that easy.

Gates and Validators

Many public transport systems rely on validators or gates to prevent passengers without valid ticket to board a vehicle. TapCheck offers an easy way to connect it to validators. 


Your revenue protectionm officers must be able to determine if a passengers is in the possesion of a valid ticket. Simple connect the inspection devices (which may be an App) to TapCheck to make it happen.

Pay a fixed montly fee

TapCheck is a service you can immediately start to use, without any upfront costs. Only if you want a specialised shop, or a bespoke integration to software you already use, an investment is needed to make these bespoke additions.

TapCheck charges a fixed monthly fee, so you are not punished when TapCheck becomes a succes in your organisation.

TapCheck saves you money
Toolbox for building barcode products

Flexible product-offering

Barcodes that are valid for an hour after the first check-in, barcodes valid only outside rush-hours, or simply a ticket that is valid on a given day. TapCheck offers and easy-to-use editor lets you create new offerings in minutes.

Once you defined the template of a product, it can be sold millions of times.

Learn to configure products

ERP Integration

Integrate with your ERP or accounting software, keep track of tickets sold and revenues. Invoice your partners for the tickets they sold on your behalf.  

More about ERP Integration
TapCheck saves you money
Toolbox for building barcode products

Gain insights from real-time reporting

Observe in real-time how much sales you do in the course of the day, over the last month or year. Find out how much of the sales was performed in small shops and how many tickets were sold through your Apps. At the same time keep track on the number of validations, and keep an eye on tickets that show suspicious behaviour. Understand which of your products sell well, and which straggle behind, based on that info you can always change your product portfolio.

Cornerstone for MaaS and Interoperability

TapCheck is capable of issuing it's own barcode tickets. But TapCheck also accepts barcodes created by another party -- such as a Maas Operator, anther Mobility Operator or a museum -- and associate that ticket with one of your porducts. The traveler wins, because they need only one barcode to travel with different operators and visit the museum.    

TapCheck also implents the TOMP API, allowing MaaS operators to acquire tickets in this internationally standardized way.

TapCheck saves you money