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TapCheck by Ximedes

Barcodes made easy

TapCheck is a Barcode Issuing Service, a Barcode Validation Service and includes a Management Portal, to control and monitor usage, define products and sales channels.
Offering both offline and online capabilities, the hosted solution (AWS) can very easily be integrated into the existing IT landscape.

Barcode and public transport

Regardless if you are transporting people by air, rail, bus or ferry, all passengers will need one thing to start their journey — a valid ticket. Until not so long ago, the only way to issue a ticket was to use paper and sometimes a dedicated plastic card.
Helped by the high penetration of smart phone users, a mobile ticket can completely eliminate the need for paper. This allows smart phone users to store a mobile (barcode) ticket on their phone..

The advantages of barcode travelling

Mobile (barcode) tickets offer a way to simplify travel for the passengers. For Public Transport Operators barcode travelling helps to reduce costs, improve service levels, increase revenue and strengthen the customer relationships.

Functionality of Tapcheck

Tapcheck includes both a Barcode Issuing Service (BIS) as well as a Barcode Validation Service (BVS). These 2 components, complemented by the Management Portal, offers a complete online barcode solution.
The BIS generates barcodes, enabling any sales channel (own or 3rd party) to (re)-sell barcode propositions. The BVS, integrated with the existing validation equipment, is the component that validates and monitors the usage of the barcodes.
Using the Management Portal, product propositions are defined, as well as the different sales channels. It is also possible to manage which product is sold through a sales channel and at what price. Using our real-time reporting tools, barcode sales and usage is monitored. . All barcode data can be exported in real- time to external systems, such as your financial administration.

High-level architecture of Tapcheck

Tapcheck sits in between the different existing core functionalities, offering the necessary end-points to enable easy integration:

Tapcheck implementation

Introducing barcode travelling using Tapcheck has the following advantages:
1. Tapcheck is quick to deploy;
2. The investment up front is minimal;
3. Tapcheck can be added to and / or run on
existing ticketing systems.

Ximedes' role

Ximedes helps companies to innovate in a rapidly changing world. Our solutions are designed to be deployed, changed and maintained in a cost-effective and easy way. Having vast experience with Public Transport organizations and ticketing solutions, we understand our customers and will tailor the solution to your needs.

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